Permanent hair removal with original diode laser Epilia 808 nm

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Diode lasers are one of the most effective types of devices for removing unwanted hair. With its wavelength of 808 nm are considered as a Gold standard in laser hair removal. In our center, we use the original laser technology Epilia (beware of Chinese counterfeits).

Laser hair removal in principle means that the laser beam is absorbed by the pigment of the hair bulb of the hair. At this point, the laser energy is converted to heat and destroy the bulb.

Wavelength 808 nm diode laser provides a deeper penetration of thermal energy than the IPL and Elight devices. The effect is therefore much higher and especially permanent.

The uniqueness of diode lasers is, however, in their short pulses that can higher energy better target the desired energy without damaging the tissue. Hair removal procedure, also known as the SHR (speed hair removal) is then up to 3 times faster than with conventional IPL Elight and technology.

Safety devices Epilim:
End of the laser must be constantly in contact with the skin of the customer. In case of accidental lifting the head and subsequent pulse could result in burns treatment area. Devices Epilia have a unique control mechanism which will not support a pulse in the case of the head, which is not in contact with the skin of the customer.

Radiofrequency energy enables safer treatment of patients phototype IV. VI. with the possibility of using less energy.

Thanks to this system and other safety features of a short pulse and precisely adjustable homogeneous power devices Epilia rank among the safest platform on the market that can safely and effectively treat patients.

Before treatment:

  • dont pull out your hair, dont wax them 6 weeks before treatment
  • before treatment you need to shave the hairs (in contrast to IPL)
  • at least 30 days prior to treatment not tan

After treatment:

  • Do not expose the treated areas to sunlight for at least 1 month after treatment
  • Treat the treated site resources with panthenol and aloe vera
  • Range between visits is 4-6 weeks

For a free consultation please contact us at or by phone at tel .: 273 136 126


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